Ctrl_Alt_Del is a live music experience that fuses drums, guitars, keyboards, controllers, and electronic music elements into a unique performance that blurs the perceived lines between analog and digital performances. As when you hit the keys the ethos is about control what you like, alternate with your own edge, and delete the rest. In a connected world its about disengaging with the code and consolidating with your own organic protocols. To hear, to feel, to see, to experience.

(Ctrl_Alt_Del is comprised of four members that have collectively been involved in the music industry for over 80 years.)?

The founding member Brett Enslin picked up a guitar at an early age and he quickly learned it and any other instrument he could get his hands on. He started his first band in high school with Kevin Dike and he connected with Dave Skinz very early on his DJ career. His odyssey has led him to tour with 1st Project as their DJ and he has played numerous gigs with local and international artists as his solo identity, the Boogeyman. Brett is the heart of Ctrl_Alt_Del and the glue that binds it together.

Kevin Dike is the bands drummer and he has been playing at a professional level for over 15 years. His musical journey began at the National School of the Arts before getting his break with 1st Project with whom he has toured over 25 countries, been featured in hundreds of media spots worldwide, received 2 South African Music Award nominations and has won a World Music Award in China. Kevin is the scintillating pulse of Ctrl_Alt_Del.

Kevin Moore is the voice of Ctrl_Alt_Del. He hails from Glasgow,Scotland and comes from a long lineage of musical talent. Kevin brings with him a natural talent for songwriting and a voice that is bound to stir the soul. His lyrics are based on his life experiences, his many trials and tribulations, and his continued belief that there is a purpose for all of us in life. Kevin has emerged from a dark place and through an awakening of the soul he has the utmost passion and determination to deliver a sound that will be remembered.

Dave Skinz is the bands producer and DJ. His musical pilgrimage started with the Piano in high school and he quickly began writing his own compositions before become engulfed by the dance music scene in the 90's. He started DJing in '97 and became involved in the running of numerous record stores and gear shops. Dave has played with some of the biggest names in local and international market while serving over 17 years of his career as a weekly resident in some of SA's most underground venues. Dave brings a technical knowledge and edge like no other and deeply understands the nuances of music in both the analog and digital worlds. He is the brain and voice of logic in Ctrl_Alt_Del.

All that have walked their own paths have come back to the crossroads and chosen to share in a new journey with each other. Ctrl_Alt_Del are armed with a common purpose and the experiences of lifetimes to engineer their vision. Drawing on an immensely wide range of musical influences the band each has their own touch of magic that they bring to song writing and performances. It cannot just be heard, it is felt. It defies description.

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