DR FeelGood

With a passion for all types of music and a love for sharing it with those who are bound to music’s energy to make people smile.

In 2016 Dr Feelgood, with the help of The Boogeyman, started learning the basics of mixing and building an arsenal of tunes to rock the dance floor.

With the correct guidance and knowledge of mixing his first gigs started to culminate in 2017 which progressed into 2018 with no hesitation.

With the ability to play a variety of music to suit almost any environment, DR Feelgood is your go to DJ for Clubs, Parties and Corporate Events.

Event History:

  • Monte Casino Piazza – Soccer World Cup 2018
  • Christmas in July 2017, 2018 & 2019 – Fundraiser for Malaika Orphanage – Wonderboom, CTRL ALT DEL, Dave Skinz, The Boogeyman and various other artists
  • Adrenaline Café – Resident DJ on Friday nights for 2 months 2018
  • Parilla Bar & Grill – Resident DJ on Friday nights – Current, since June 2019
  • 2 weddings in 2018

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