Event Photographer

I find myself being very lucky as on the one hand I have a good sense of order and am a highly perfectionist individual and on the other hand I am very creative, think out of the box and inspiration, motivation and drive comes easy to me.

I started my creative journey quite young in life, always writing stories and being involved in music. I studied Sound Engineering when I was 24 and then worked at Post Masters on various TV productions after I graduated. Life then took me into a different direction, but the last 4 years I have reconnected with my love for creating. I studied Screen and Script Writing, I took various courses in Motion Graphics as well as Editing and Video Production.

 Lately I have been absolutely captured by the magnificence of Photography, which is a daily study! I doubt I will stop here, I need to know things by nature, I want to know how everything works and I love mastering a new challenge.

 Corporate and Events Photography

I love corporate events and functions, catching in the moment reactions, workflows, conversations or activities really help tell a story of the energy at that function, event or outing. Capturing documentary style photographs is what I excel in. Travelling to shoot corporate head-shots and new marketing photos for your company is also not a problem, my portable studio goes where I go

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