Karly V

Real name Karlien van der Walt, the South African born and bred musician has been playing keys from an early age, a habit she picked up from her older sister. Despite her sister’s influence, 10 years her senior, Karly pretty much fuelled her own passion for music, insisting on lessons and instruments from a fearlessly supportive family, and for good reason. Karly exhibited a natural talent for the arts.

She was that person, the one asked to entertain guests at family functions, singing in the school choir or readily amusing her friends with personal renditions of popular songs. She started her first band while still in high school. Drawing from her garage band days, Karly has since developed a fully-fledged professional career in music, entertaining crowds across the country. She has a knack for getting the party started and after 7 years of performing live, the entertainer has decided the time is right to release her solo debut single, Sometimes.

Asked why it’s taken her so long to release her original music, Karly explains, “Throughout the years I did a lot of recordings. A lot. I even recorded a proper album that was never released because of unfortunate circumstances. I guess one becomes discouraged after a few disappointments, but I've finally summoned up the courage to do this thing full on.”

Moving full steam ahead, Karly hopes to touch people at a deeper level, inspiring audiences the world over. With a yearning to travel and experience as much as she possibly can, her aim is personally connect with large audiences.

With influences as vast as Alanis Morissette, Radiohead, Sarah McLachlan, Ellie Goulding and the Foo Fighters, Karly’s sound is predominantly pop, flaunting a universal appeal. It is also the reason she has chosen to sing in English – her mother tongue being Afrikaans.

Karly spent a couple of months in Australia and New Zealand, performing as part of all female duo.

Sincere in her approach, Karly believes that her honesty plays a huge role in making her music and songwriting unique.

“I try to stay away from clichés as much as possible, although some things will always ring true, and I like discovering those truths,” she says.

Tempestuous, passionate and contemplative, the world is her oyster.

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