The Boogeyman

Just imagine inspiring a group of people so much so that you turn them into an absolutely euphoric mass, dancing and bouncing around like there is not tomorrow.

Like a puppet master you could control their emotions, their mindset and virtually how they feel for as long as you kept them happy.

All this is because you’re a great DJ, and you’re behind the decks mixing tunes you love and that everyone loves to hear and this is your gift… creating euphoria!

This is the power that comes with being a brilliant DJ and making people want to never leave the dance floor until the very last moment is your goal! All great DJ’s have the unmistakable talent to entice the masses into frenzied party people.

For the past 15 years the Boogeyman has been homing his skills as a great DJ and it is his talent that has earned him the right to boast a list of venues played at longer than you could imagine.

He has played almost every venue, past and present and his biggest and best gig according to him was the ‘React World Tour Party’ held at Truth only a few years ago.

His style is unique and his ability to read a crowd is what makes him such a good DJ.

Although his preferred genre is Speed Garage he plays everything from Funky to Progressive House and everything in-between.

Brett’s love for music started a long time ago, but it all really came together in the DJ scene when he met his friend from AE Production who threw some of the biggest parties in South Africa has ever seen. Through this great contact Brett was fortunate enough to have met international greats like Carl Cox and Josh Wink and it was meeting people like these awesome international DJ’s that made Brett take the next step and learn how to become the mix master he is today.

Brett has also established a close business relationship with 1st Project where he accompanies them to gigs as part of their act as the DJ. He lays down an awesome set to which 1st Project then adds their aggressive percussion, giving them the sound that is so unique that not many DJ’s can say they have the privilege to offer a crowd.

Brett’s music career actually started even before wanting to get into the DJing scene when he was part of a band called ‘Killer Pops’ and it was here that he first met the frontman of 1st Project Shannon hence their close working relationship today.

Brett played guitar was the vocalist in the band and its evident that his talent with music reaches far and wide.

It was as of early 2006 that Brett and 1st Project decided to collaborate, and the two different music genres merged, creating one of South Africa’s most awesome musical duos.

Although totally independent from 1st Project the symbiosis that they have allows the two to bring something to a party that rivals any live act.

He’s goals are modes, wanting only to keep up his good work and feels that he is happy with his position as a modestly week know DJ.

His motto – ‘If you want to be a superstar you’ve go to act like a superstar, might seem somewhat dissimilar from his goals but then again that would also depend on your personal perceptions on what a superstar is.


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