Tim Hendricks

Timothy Hendricks.

Tim is a seasoned South African Musician who has been involved in many projects including:

–          Writing the original music for a South African Movie ‘The Jakes are Missing’

–          Performing on TV shows including Balcony TV, ETV Sunrise, Hectic 99 and Miss South Africa 2005

–          Top 26 Finalist on Project Fame

–          Music Leader, guitarist and lead vocalist for a four month contract at the Cristal Salaam Hotel in Abu Dhabi

–          Music Leader, guitarist, pianist and vocalist for Abundant Life Tour Group

Tim has taught music across Johannesburg for over 13 years and has experience in sales at music stores including Marshall Music, All About Music and Musikland. He also has production experience in Cubase, Protools, Logic and Nuendo, including work done on his own albums:

  1. Shadow Of Your Imagination Tim Hendricks
  2. Contemplating Change Tim Hendricks
  3. Hopeless Wonder Tim Hendricks Project
  4. Yucca Valley, California – To be Released 2020
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